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Разработчик Pixels By Paul / Paul L. Richman
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A demitasse is a small cup, used to serve Arabic coffee or espresso. The name comes from the French for "half cup". It usually has about a 2 to 3 fluid ounce capacity — half the size of a full coffee cup. Typically they are made of white pottery or porcelain and accompanied by matching saucers, but some coffeehouses and china companies also produce brightly decorated varieties. Another type of demitasse has a glass cup set into a metal frame.

Here you will see both types, from a lovely collection that was put together in the 1940s. These antique demitasse are presented in 73 premium photographs, all optimized for your devices. Seven bonus images have been added of complimentary objects.

This app has been upgraded for full iPad 3 Retina support. All graphical elements of the user interface, and all photos match the resolution of this new iPad, but they all still look great on the other apple devices.

NEW: You can now send physical postcards from within this app to anyone anywhere in the world*. The picture you choose (from this app or from your own Photos library) will be on the front of the postcard. You enter a message and recipient address, and the postcard is printed and mailed.

This app is designed to entertain, with its fun flipping browsing interface, and with its slideshows. It can also produce lovely wallpaper for your devices.

A unique feature of this series of Pixels By Paul apps is their ability to size wallpaper to fit within wallpaper safe areas. Safe areas are the areas in the Lock and Home Screens which are not blocked by the status bar, date/time bar, unlock slider, and dock. Pictures can be fitted to the safe area while keeping their original aspect (the ratio of height to width is maintained), or pictures can be stretched or squeezed to completely fill the safe areas. You can do this with the pictures in this app, and you can do this with your own pictures.

Unlike many of the other apps in this Pixels By Paul series, this app puts each wallpaper picture into a white, rather than black, safe area background. The photos in this app have white backgrounds, so this feature makes them look great in the safe areas.

The safe areas of iPad Home and Lock screens, in vertical and horizontal orientation, and on the iPhone, are all different in their dimensions and placements. Even if you bother to figure out the exact pixel dimensions and placements of each of the 6 safe areas, making safe area wallpaper isnt something youd want to do manually for very many images.

This app requires no internet connection to run*. All its high resolution photos are included inside the application. And its a universal app! Run it on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, all for one low price.

This app requires iOS 4.0 or higher.

* An internet connection is needed only to send a postcard.